Brighton graduates brighten up Fulham car park with their artwork


The exhibition runs from 6 – 9 June.


By Christine Dorisamy-Pillai

An Art Show exhibiting the work of recent University of Brighton graduates had its London premiere in Fulham last night.

The show, exhibiting the work of around 70 illustration and graphic design graduates, had previously been put on in Brighton but has now come to London.

It is placed in an underground car park that the artists have revamped themselves.

“I drew up several variations of the plans for the space but we knew that detail plans wouldn’t work. There was a plan but it wasn’t what you see now,” said Ryan Neil, 25, one of the graduates.

“We had our degree show in Brighton. I’m excited to hear about what people think of our work outside the university. This feels more public than our Brighton show.”

What is unusual about this art show is that the works from both disciplines are shown together.

“Not many universities combine the two but we’re in the same studio,” said illustration graduate, Rachel McGivern, 21.

Rachel’s work is inspired by Venice, which she visited with her parents at Easter.

“I am interested in creating artwork that has a quality to it, by looking at the ordinary and by finding the exceptional work which gives a sense of mood or generates some feeling,” she said.

As well as lots of different mediums, such as paint, prints and short films being shown alongside each other, there is also an installation upstairs which shows a 3D aspect of art.

There is even a shop where items have been made by the artists themselves.

“It’s much better in London we have much more free range over the show and much more creative control,” said Harley Ross, 22.

The Car Park runs from 6th-9th July at 10am-8pm. There are crowd talks on the 7th of July at 6pm and there is a music night on the 9th that starts at 7:30pm and runs until late.

The nearest station is Fulham Broadway and the entrance to the show is opposite Chelsea Stadium.

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