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SWLondoner’s Gemma Ellis and Helen Wright give you the best tweets from last night, following the London election results.


By Gemma Ellis and Helen Wright

SWLondoner’s Gemma Ellis and Helen Wright give you the best tweets from last night, following the London mayoral election results.

@Ed_Milliband heard you coped with the egg very well. You’re a class A act! At least you didn’t end up with egg on your face like Clegg!

John Prescott- former deputy leader of the Labour Party


Egg Miliband to be invited to World Egg Throwing Championships so he can show how it should be done, properly.

Mo the Cockerel – of the World Egg Throwing Federation


For those wondering about the egg’s origins, fairly sure it wasn’t free range but nothing can take away from cracking result in Southampton…

Ed Miliband – leader of the Labour Party


Looks very much as if London is about to elect a mayor who is, essentially, a bouncy castle with Alzheimers  

Frankie Boyle – Comedian


Vote today for Ken Livingstone and Labour. People like Boris, like they like balloons. Don’t let a balloon run London. Vote for Ken #comeonken

Eddie Izzard – Comedian 


Not sure what time the final result will be…Whilst I’m sat here waiting does anyone have a good joke/opening line for my speech tonight?

Siobhan Benita – Independent candidate for Mayor


A council candidate in Edinburgh who campaigned dressed as a penguin received more votes than the LibDems. He was called Professor Pongoo.

Jake Humphrey – BBC Television presenter


I’m up! I’m up! Did Jason Statham win the election like I dreamed?

Lauren Laverne – Presenter BBC 6Music


Election is the only time Ken comes South of the river.

Janice Turner – Economist for the Times

To those who chose not to vote: in other counries people are dying for the right to vote in free and fair elections & you can’t be bothered?

Jenny Jones – Green Party candidate for Mayor


Grim night for democracy: turn out down…to 32% in local elections: whiff of despair afflicts UK politics. The night’s winner? Abstention!

Jon Snow – Channel 4 anchor


Obviously – if you decide not to vote today you have no stake in what happens to you. It might not go your way but please try…

Marcus Brigestocke – comedian


Today’s election is like asking a prisoner if they would like hanging or electrocution.

Peter Serafinowicz – Actor and Comedian


One third of the electoral that voted? Right, the other two third, I don’t want to hear a peep out of you until the next election. Go to your room.

Dan Stevens – Actor on Downton Abbey

I [was] horrified to witness the LibDem leader in St Helens punching a young Labour candidate after losing his seat #poorloser

Cllr Pat Ireland – St Helens council


Just heard Boris Johnson declared Major #allhopeisgone

Diane Abbott MP


PREDICTION: Boris Johnson will replace David Cameron as Tory leader within 12 months.

Piers Morgan


You see Ken didn’t end with the may the forth gag. That’s why he didn’t win.

Richard Herring, comedian


Disappointing to see Boris win in London, but good to see the Greens come in third  and – best of all – the BNP lose their seat on the GLA

Billy Bragg, singer/songwriter


Very sad about the new mayor. I bet Glasgow wouldn’t elect Boris Johson.

Josie Long, comedian 

Ken’s dignity and humility v moving. Huge respect to a public servant who loves London. Humbling, whatever your politics. He will be missed.

Sally Bercow

Siobhan Benita deserved to be heard in her speech: not acceptable that she was cut off and spoken over by commentators

Lembit Opik

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