Super strength beer and cider banned in Mitcham store as police try to reduce anti-social behaviour


The area has been plagued by problems.


By Jack Crone

Beer and cider with an ABV of 5.5% or above will not be sold in a new Mitcham Tesco, in a bid by police to curb anti-social behaviour

In August 2013 there were 272 cases of anti social behaviour recorded within a mile of Streatham Road. This is over 100 more than Wimbledon Broadway – an area with far more pubs and bars.

Sgt Peter Sparham, Merton Police Licensing Officer, recognises the problem and said that the licensing condition makes sense as a way of addressing the issue of street drinking.

“A lot of problems can be caused by these strong beers and ciders, especially if they fall into the hands of youngsters,” he said.

“We can’t do much about spirits but we can tackle the lower end stuff which they tend to go for.”

Sgt Sparham also highlighted the medical issues associated with beers and ciders of this strength, suggesting that they would have a serious affect on anyone drinking them.

Support for the new policy also comes from Councillor David Simpson CBE, the Chair of Merton’s Licensing Committee, who hopes it will result in less behavioural issues across the borough.

It is also believed that Sainsbury’s stores opening in Grand Drive and on Morden Road will agree to similar terms, a move that will no doubt affect the long-term viability of super-strength beers and ciders sold in the area.

Rob Valentine, a spokesman for the Gaymer Cider Group, who make and distributes 8.4% K Cider, refused to speak about the policy being prescribed to Mitcham stores, but commented on other alcohol-related issues.

“The company advocates responsible drinking and were extremely supportive of the Prime Minister’s move for minimum alcohol pricing,” he said.

Whilst not commenting on the future of the company’s K product, he said that the general move was towards higher quality, lower percentage ciders, such as their own more popular Gaymer’s product.

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