Justice4Grenfell: Voters urged not to forget victims of Grenfell Tower disaster

Justice4Grenfell was projected across Kensington Town Hall earlier tonight as the vote count took place inside the building.

The slogan was projected for 71 minutes – one minute for each victim of the Grenfell Tower disaster by members of the Fire Brigade Union acting in tandem with Justice4Grenfell, the campaign group that represents victims of the disaster.

The Grenfell disaster looms large over the 2018 Kensington and Chelsea local election as the Conservative party, who held the majority of seats on the council during the fire, fight ward to ward to hold onto power.

Lucy Masoud, a London regional officer for the Fire Brigade Union (FBU), said: “The reason we have decided to come today is to really remind the councillors.

“To remind the community that it has been almost a year since the terrible events that took place at Grenfell Tower, where 71 people died, and we’ve still not got justice for those victims.

“Those people who ran into that building to put that fire out were all predominantly FBU members.

“It’s our job to support our members, our firefighters and the local community, but predominantly our role is to make sure every one of those 72 victims receive justice.

“This has to be an opportunity for the people to come out of Kensington and Chelsea and vote these people out. If they’re not going to do it now then I don’t know when they’re going to do it.”

When asked what message she would give to the candidates standing inside Kensington Town Hall, Ms Masoud replied: “Rather than being inside there you should be at the base of Grenfell Tower looking at the result of what your decision making has caused.

“I see they’re trying to cover it up now with plastic. It’s almost like they’re covering up figuratively and literally, hoping that people will forget.

“That building that is standing not too far from where we are now in essence is a mass grave and it’s a symbol of everything that this council, this country has done wrong.”

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