Veteran National Front candidate for Croydon and Sutton GLA seat wants to ‘fly the flag for Britain’

The National Front candidate for the Croydon and Sutton GLA seat in the London elections, has spoken out about Brexit and what he thinks about the current government.

Richard Edmond, the former deputy chairman of the British National Party, openly expressed his dislike for the Conservatives, Labour, immigration and globalisation – something he says is a threat to the UK.

He criticised the Conservatives for allowing mass immigration and encouraging British corporations to outsource cheap labour from other countries.

“If the government continue to use cheap labour from China and Korea, you may as well sack the whole lot of us,” he said.

“You would be taking the bread and butter out of the mouths of the British.”

Although originally standing for the Deptford seat in 1974 for the National Front, he has held many prominent positions in the BNP but stepped down in 2010 to rejoin the NF.

The 73-year-old went on to say that  ‘the people who are running the country are all liars’  and that the Conservatives have won all their elections based on lies and have done nothing to halt ‘mass immigration’.

Mr Edmonds hopes to use the Greater London Authority (GLA) as a platform to warn British people about the dangers they are facing in times to come, he said: “I want to fly the flag for Britain. I am a British patriot and a proud Nationalist.”

He has previously defended claims that he is racist by clarifying ‘racism means long live the white race, long live the British race’ he was also convicted of a racially-motivated assault in 1993.

His views on the number of foreigners entering the UK are at the forefront of his campaign and refers himself as an ‘advocate of Britain’.

He explained that the Labour Party encourage globalisation which is bad for this country and refered to the ‘good old days’ when Britain manufactured its own shoes, clothing and steel .

Opposing Sadiq Khan’s manifesto for a London that encourages a city free from prejudice, he referred to Mr Khan’s statement last month regarding Transport for London ‘having too many white faces’ and retorted ‘Transport for London was built by white men!’.

Mr Edmonds believes the British are being lied to by the government and is says Nigel Farage, UKIP party leader, deserves our gratitude for bringing about the European Referendum in June.

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