London’s ‘next big opportunity’? Croydon calls on Westminster to devolve power to transform town into modern European city

Plans to devolve power from Westminster to Croydon were brought to parliament by a team of MPs, councillors and business owners who want to spark major regeneration in the borough.

The lobby group claim locally-generated taxes in the area would mean the council could accelerate the delivery of a £5.25bn regeneration programme, including 23,500 new jobs and 8,000 homes.

If the devolution is approved the council promises this new ‘growth zone’ will be ready and prosperous by 2031.

Leader of Croydon Council, Cllr Tony Newman, said: “Devolving these powers and giving Croydon control of locally generated tax revenues would catalyse the delivery of one of the biggest growth projects in the UK.”

The borough has already seen big changes over the past year with the Westfield-Hammerson development partnership that revitalised Croydon’s rundown town centre through a £ revamp.

Labour MP for Croydon North Steve Reed and Conservative Gavin Barwell for Croydon Central showed cross-party support for the lobbyists’ case and recognised how devolved powers could give Croydon’s transformation the kick start it needs.

Cllr Newman continued: “We’re not the only ones who see Croydon as London’s next opportunity – it’s the view of the many businesses and developers who are choosing to invest here.

“We are ready to start a huge regeneration programme that can transform Croydon into a modern European city, creating thousands of new jobs and new homes.”

Picture courtesy of Peter Trimming, with thanks

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