Thrifty Twickenham residents could pocket thousands renting driveways during Six Nations

Twickenham homeowners are expected to pocket £60,000 from renting out their driveways during the Six Nations.

Residents are cashing in on the rugby tournament by renting out off-street parking to fans looking to park close to Twickenham Stadium, charging up to £40 per game, data from JustPark shows.

Anna Hamill, 55, started renting out her driveway and her mother’s next door, which has space for three cars, in 2013.

“It was a matter of making use of a facility we have,” she said.

“My mother doesn’t drive.”

She has made more than £1,500 now from 118 bookings, which she chooses to put into a holiday fund.

The average driveway in the area listed on peer-to-peer parking website JustPark fetches £20 a day, but this climbs to £40 closer to the stadium.

For those with driveways that can accommodate multiple cars residents could easily earn more than £100 per game, especially with on-site parking at the stadium already sold out.

Ms Hamill said sometimes they use the money for meals out and trips meaning they are less affected by match disruptions.

She also said the people they meet is an added bonus, meeting people from as far afield as New Zealand, sometimes she even puts flags up before games.

She joked: “When there was an Army and Navy match, we got one Army and one Navy, we got to hear the banter between them.”

Ms Hamill said that for a lot of people it was not only the cost, but security and convenience of parking in an accessible drive that appealed, as well as giving money to a homeowner rather than giant parking conglomerate.

Image of Anna Hamill courtesy of JustPark, with thanks

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