Kingston Pound set for trial run at Surbiton Food Festival


The new currency aims to help the local economy.


By Alice Todman

The Kingston Pound, a local currency, is set for a trial run at Surbiton Food Festival in May.

While there are plans for an electronic version in the future, the trial will use printed notes, each worth £1.

Those who commit to converting £20 or more into Kingston Pounds before the end of March will have their names incorporated into the note’s design.

The team behind the currency hope to thank their early supporters by referencing them on the Kingston Pound.

Kat Hipsey, co-founder of the project said: “We know businesses and consumers will want to have a greater understanding of the Kingston Pound before they agree to support it wholeheartedly.

“But joining in with the trial will be the best way to learn more about the potential benefits of the project and assist in its development.”

The team are working to gain the backing of Kingston Council. Liz Green, council leader, said: “The Kingston Pound can be a great catalyst for our local economy bringing local people together with local businesses like never before.”

A “Text2Pay” system is in place and there are plans for a trial run later this year.

Passionate co-founder Andrew Connolly said: “We intend to weave Kingston Pound into the very fabric of our community throughout the borough of Kingston upon Thames and we are determined that it becomes more than simply a method of payment.”

While the team hopes Kingston’s businesses will benefit from the scheme, there is also an ethos of community spirit behind the project.

Surbiton Food Festival takes place 3-18 May. Email [email protected] or contact the Kingston Pound team at

Photo courtesy of Robin Hutchinson, with thanks.

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