Donate a device, change a life fundraiser in the works by Kingston Council

Kingston Council has paired with Genuine Solutions to create a way of raising funds for the Mayor’s Charitable Trust by recycling unwanted mobile devices from 1 to 31 March.

The scheme aims to recycle mobile devices which then can be data-wiped before being pressed for re-sale.

The Mobile Mop Up Scheme came into being following discussion between Former Mayor Margaret Thompson and Genuine Solutions. 

It was first launched prior to the COVID lockdown and raised £4,750 for the Mayor’s Charitable Trust across the Mayor’s two year term in office.

Wendy Salter, who works for the Mayor’s Office said: “This year, we are operating the scheme for a concentrated period of one month only and it is therefore difficult to predict how much we will raise.”

The Mayor’s Charitable Trust is a charity which entails the elected mayor, Councillor Yogan Yoganathan MBE, to choose a couple of localised charities to support during the mayor’s term.

At the end of the Mayor’s term, 16 May, all the proceedings from the numerous fundraising events go towards these charities.

CEO of Genuine Solutions, Paul Crossman and Mayor Yoganathan standing in front of “GEN”, a piece of art constructed from recycled mobile device parts. Credit: Wendy Salter.

Yoganathan chose The Community Brain and Creative Youth this year which are both organisations headed by Robin Hutchinson MBE. 

The Community Brain aims to strengthen community in the Kingston and Surbiton areas as well as making the areas more “sustainable and equitable.”

Creative Youth has a similar philosophy of the importance of community but their main aim is to help and support young people in the art industry strive.

A £20 donation to Creative Youth can go towards materials for Creative Youth’s Art, Music, Pop Fashion music heritage project.

Other fundraisers that the Mayor’s Charitable Trust is doing this year is the Kingston Deputy Mayor, Councillor Nicola Nardelli, taking part in the Whittington Walk on 23 April. 

The Whittington Walk is an annual event that has been running for last 40 years, which entails retracing steps Dick Whittington, the four times Lord Mayor of London from 600 years ago.

Mayors and Deputy Mayors from across London take part in this walk and many use the opportunity to raise funds for their charitable trusts.

On 4 May the Mayor’s Office is holding the Coronation Ball in support of the Mayor’s Charitable Trust. 

The Ball is an annual event and this year has been themed to coincide with the coronation, which takes place on the following weekend.

Tickets for the ball start from £70 or for a table of ten cost £650 which include a four course meal alongside entertainment.

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