Exhibition brings out ‘the warrior’ in Battersea artists


‘I am the Warror’, held at Battersea Pump House Gallery, has attracted almost 100 submissions since its opening on 22 October.


By John Nassoori

Budding Battersea artists are being encouraged to pick up their paint brushes for an exhibition promising to showcase anything they submit, from pots of chutney to abstract canvases.

‘I am the Warrior’, held at Battersea Pump House Gallery, has attracted almost 100 submissions from London school children, parents and pensioners since it opened on 22nd October.

Among the exhibitors is single mother Sandra Munoz-Alvarez, who juggled studying and volunteer work to make a short film called ‘Portrait of a Mother’, which gives a glimpse into her life with five-year-old son Eduardo.

Ms Munoz-Alvarez said: “It was very hard work and in a way, I actually feel like I am a bit of a warrior!

“The exhibition is a brilliant idea, as it provides an opportunity for unknown artists to display their work.”

An unlikely selection of artists have been inspired by the invitation to display their creations, from an upholsterer who hand-crafted children’s chairs to a personal trainer interested in marble lighting.

Those less-inclined to exhibit their work have also been given the chance to get involved by making bunting and wallpaper for the ‘open’ exhibition, which almost 1,000 visitors have flocked to see.

“From model making to cake decorating, this is an attempt to give everyone a chance and show how any individual can engage with their hands,” said the exhibition’s curator, Jeni Walden.

The premise of ‘I am the Warrior’, named after a Patty Smyth song, was conceived by Birmingham-based artists Ben Sadler and Phil Duckworth, who trialled the idea in an empty shop in Derby last year.

“We’ve been really happy with the response and it’s great to see how broad the submissions have been,” said Mr Sadler, who revealed that 50 percent of the exhibitors in Derby had never had their work publicly displayed before.

“We’d love to stage it again, but it’s important to find the right context.”

Several workshops have been held in parallel to ‘I am a Warrior’, encouraging visitors to make prints and paintings which can then be added to the main exhibition.

Joe Lewis, seven, travelled from Clapham to attend last Sunday’s workshop.

“It was really fun. I’m definitely going to do it again!” said Joe, who made a print of his hero Harry Potter.

‘I am the Warrior’, supported by Arts Council England, The Henry Moore Foundation and Sambrook’s Brewery, runs until 11th December and is free to attend.

Please contact the Pump House Gallery on 020 8871 7572 or email [email protected] for more information.

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