POG’s Dogs! Paul O’Grady returns to Battersea to cuddle, comfort and console in ITV’s For the Love of Dogs

Paul O’Grady has left his savage persona long behind him as he returns to the small screen as a dog’s best friend with the third series of hit programme ‘Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs’ on Thursday.

The show follows tearful and triumphant tales of lost, abandoned and unwanted dogs who are rescued, and hopefully re-homed, by Battersea Dogs Home.

Paul O’Grady has become as well known for his love of dogs as for his celebrity chat shows, which featured his beloved canine sidekick Buster.


In the new eleven -part series Paul ventures out from the iconic Battersea home to rescue centres in Kent and Berkshire to meet more canines who need treatment, training and new homes.

The programme follows Paul as he meets dogs with heart-breaking and heart-warming stories has struck a chord with the pooch-loving public.

Six million people tuned in to each episode of the last series to meet the loveable inhabitants of Battersea and the staff who care for them.

Puppy Eddie captured Paul’s heart in the first series of the show, and we’re sure we’ll catch up with him again and the rest of the O’Grady pup family.


This season sees a bulldog in need of a makeover, a Shih Tzu with wobbly legs and a dog called Whisper who is too timid to leave kennel.

Paul’s passion for pets bubbles over when he meets extremely neglected Lurcher, Soldier, who is so weak from infections that staff aren’t sure he’ll survive.


Paul said: “How can you let a dog get in this state? It’s so distressing isn’t it? it really is.

“I’m being very reserved because the cameras are here believe you me because what is bubbling up, I wouldn’t dare say at this hour of the night.


“But my loathing for someone who can do this… I can’t tell you how I feel.”

Featured image courtesy of ITV via YouTube, with thanks

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