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Beautifully presented platters delivered straight to your door.


By SWLondoner staff

Work lunches normally consist of stale sandwiches, crisps and a few breadsticks, so when the email arrived to say we were having a lunchtime get together, I wasn’t expecting much.

We did, as usual, have the obligatory bowls of peanuts, but this time we were also treated to a more nutritious and appealing alternative – sushi. Not the generic-tasting, over-priced sushi from the local supermarket, but a huge platter, wonderfully presented and delivered straight to our door, courtesy of Sushi Rolls.

Based in Clerkenwell, Sushi Rolls delivers freshly and expertly made platters across London, perfect for wowing clients at corporate events or adding something different to a party. With a minimum order of £200, it’s not the place to go for a lunch for one, but for an office occasion it’s a winning formula.

The platter not only looked beautiful but the sushi itself was a big success. Part of the appeal is that you can pick and choose your own pieces to suit your taste and occasion. Our platter included Sea Bass and Soy-Glazed Shitake Uramaki, Salmon Nigiri and my personal favourite – Pickled Carrot, Rocket, Wasabi Mayonnaise and Avocado Dragon Rolls.

I left the room for ten minutes, and when I came back every single morsel had been devoured – solid proof of a delicious lunch.

If you’re looking for something to make your event even more special, you can also hire a chef to prepare the sushi right in front of you and your guests and pick up a trick or two to try at home. The company also offers sushi making lessons so if you’re feeling inspired after the party, you can call on them for a bit of extra help.

Sushi Rolls are offering SWLondoner readers free delivery on all orders. Visit for more information.

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