Boris Johnson pledges Wandsworth tax cuts


The Mayor of London pledged to cut council tax by ten percent during a walkabout at Southside Shopping Centre.


By Evanna Holland

Boris Johnson reaffirmed his pledge to cut council tax by ten percent to the residents of Wandsworth yesterday morning during a walkabout at Southside Shopping Centre.

With just two days until the voters go the polls, the Mayor of London took an opportunity to meet and greet some of his constituents and urge them to vote on Thursday.

He was keen to stress that, if elected, he would cut council tax in London by ten percent, phasing it in over the next four years, and will guarantee a cut every year.

Mr Johnson said: “We’ve cut council tax, we’ve frozen it year after year, cut it in this last year and over the next four years by prudent management of our budgets, we’re able to deliver another ten percent cut.”

The Mayor, and his team, travelled across London yesterday, visiting Camden and Bexleyheath, to reveal his full manifesto to the public.

It includes his plans for policing, investment and transport, and members of the public appeared to be impressed with his proposals.

Johnny Lavery, 30, originally from Belfast, said: “If my business gets support and the business of my partners improve then I see that as being a positive thing; Boris seems to be supporting businesses as well.”

Mr Johnson’s character has also proved popular with the electorate as many were excited to have a photo taken with the Mayor and were pleased that he had taken the time to meet his constituents.

Kelly Bennet, a travel consultant for Flight Centre, said: “He was really down to earth, that’s why I like him.

“It’s just his demeanour and the way he is. He’s got trust and I don’t think a lot of politicians have. I think it’s very lucky, he looks very open. I trust him.”

Mr Johnson said: “I’m taking nothing for granted, I’m fighting for every vote and obviously it’s great to meet Londoners and I hope very much to be given the chance to serve them over the next four years.”

When speaking of his competition, Mr Johnson described Labour as ‘a bunch of high-taxing, semi-reformed Marxists’ which engendered a few laughs.

“I don’t want London to lurch back to the waste and division of the Livingstone era. I want London to go forwards,” said Mr Johnson.

The vote for Mayor and London Assembly Members takes place on Thursday 3rd May, from 7am-10pm, at polling stations across London.

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