Empty coffin, taxidermy pets and… a mother-in-law! Some of the weird items stashed in London storage

An empty coffin, gold bars and even an unlucky mother-in-law are among the items that customers have tried to hoard at a London storage company.  

On-demand storage service SpaceWays has been inundated with weird and wacky requests transforming it in to a bargain basement Aladdin’s Cave.

Naked mannequin dolls, 1,500 brooms, collection of taxidermy pets (dogs and cats) and a huge egg-shaped fridge are other titbits that customers have attempted to squirrel away.

SpaceWays Customer LRez

SpaceWays co-founder Rob Rebholz said: “We always try and accommodate customer requests and we’re no stranger to items that are a bit out of the ordinary, but some of the things people want to store with us have left us a little confused – not least the mother-in-law request.”

The empty coffin was stored at the request of a man who intended to use it when he shuffled off this mortal coil but became too depressed with it in his own home.

SpaceWays Student Box LRez

“The egg-shaped fridge came from a sci-fi fan whose girlfriend had put her foot down when they moved in together.

“I’m afraid we never received an explanation for the gold bars.

“There are some items that we cannot store and that the customer might be better off contacting a bank!”

Featured picture courtesy of Chris Yarzab, with thanks

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