The Andy Gray Column: Why would Mourinho leave Real Madrid?

Summary: ambassador Andy Gray was talking to to South West Londoner.


WHY would Jose Mourinho want to go anywhere other than Real Madrid?

He’s in the biggest job on earth so it really would have to take something special to tempt him away and I can’t see those jobs coming around any time soon.

If Real Madrid want him next year then I don’t think he would go.

Much like a lot of stories in football it is very easy for fans to see that Jose Mourinho is buying a property in London and immediately assume that he is coming back to Chelsea.

It makes easy headlines but Jose has told everyone exactly what he is doing, he loves London and always has loved the city.

So he has come over to London because he had a few days off to look at a couple of properties here with a view to buying them.

As for joining another club, I don’t know if Tottenham is big enough for him, I really don’t. I don’t know if there is enough money there for him to spend. 

Daniel Levy has spent a fair bit of money there but whether he would be prepared to spend a huge chunk more which I am sure he’d want to spend. I’m not so sure they’d want to commit themselves to that kind of investment.

Unless a major club comes up then I really don’t see Jose Mourinho leaving Real Madrid.

Roman and Jose are still friends but I am always wary of someone going back somewhere that they were a huge success before.

And he was a huge success at Chelsea but the circumstances are different.  He might not have the money to invest from the owner that he did first time round.

And that is always a danger so I think it is possible because they are still friends and Roman bought him a nice Ferrari for his birthday the other day.

That suggests that they are still friends so we’ll wait and see.

Arsene Wenger is going nowhere I don’t think, would he take Manchester United if Fergie leaves? Yes he probably would.  Would he go to City? Probably yes too but unless one of those sort of clubs come up then I don’t think he’s going anywhere.

Jose is not leaving Madrid as far as I know, and there won’t be players following him from Madrid – he probably couldn’t afford them even if he did leave.

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