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Officers disperse illegal rave in Lambeth during Halloween policing operation

Police officers closed three unlicensed music events (UMEs) this Halloween weekend, one of which was in Lambeth.

This was part of their proactive operation to disrupt anti-social behaviour in London.

At 11:43pm on Friday 29 October, police were called to Glasshouse Walk in Lambeth following complaints about fireworks being set off.

Officers attended and found 300 youths at a community centre.

As the crowds began leaving, fights broke out and fireworks and other items were thrown towards officers.

Additional officers attended and the crowds were dispersed by 1:20am.

One officer was treated for injuries.

Chief Inspector Jack May-Robinson said: “These gatherings blight the lives of local residents.

“They often attract anti-social behaviour and can be dangerous environments for those attending them.

“Where we identify an event, we work hard to ensure that appropriate action is taken and equipment is seized to prevent attendees moving to another location.”

According to the MET Police, the licensing of public events ensures lawful, safe, accredited venues with adequate security and supervision to ensure public safety.

Officers were later made aware of a UME in railway arches on Corbetts Lane in Southwark.

Upon arrival, they found approximately 150 people who they dispersed from the area.

The sound system was seized and the organiser reported for licensing offences.

The officers left the scene at 3:45am to continue with their patrols.

Police also attended an address in Bethnal Green, East London, having established that a UME was planned.

Approximately 30 people were present and quickly left.

Officers have used intelligence gathering to take pre-emptive action against individuals who were believed to be planning events, as well as being involved in the supply of drugs.

Chief Inspector May-Robinson said: “Extra patrols are taking place all over London to maintain public safety.

“I would urge anyone with concerns to contact police so that we can interrupt these UMEs before they escalate.”

Photo credit: Metropolitan Police Service

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