Hate Crime victims in Richmond urged to seek help after council forms partnership with charity


Stop Hate UK provides support for those affected by hate crime.


By Ellie Harvey 

Richmond residents affected by hate crime are being reminded that help is on hand after the council formed an alliance with organisation Stop Hate UK

The charity provides independent and confidential support for those affected by hate crime, and are there to help anyone who believes that they have been a victim of crime due to any aspect of their identity including race, gender identity, sexuality or religion.

Hate crime is clearly a cause for concern with 43,748 hate crimes taking place and being recorded by police in 2011-2012 alone.

The statistics also show that most hate of the offences recorded are race hate crimes.

Of the 43,748 hate crimes committed, 82% were race crimes (35,816), 10% were due to sexual orientation (4,252), 4% due to disability (1,744), 4% due to religion (1,621) and 1% due to transgender.

Their lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year and they can be contacted by telephone on 0800 138 1625, by text message on 07717 989 025 or by email on [email protected]

Victims and witnesses can also chat on the web or fill in an online form by visiting

Picture courtesy of Ray Forster, with thanks



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