Guts, gore and ghoulish good times: SW Londoner’s guide to a fangtastically fun Halloween

And so another Halloween is upon us – it’s the day of the year when we can all dress up like a casual Wednesday night Lady Gaga, eat enough sugar to give an entire county diabetes and get in touch with our wildest instincts.

So suit up on your favourite zombie costume, get your make up on – that includes you too lads – and practice your scariest scream in the mirror, not much effort for the author on that one.

Here at SW Londoner we love All Hallows’ Eve, which is why we will advise you on the ten things you definitely need to do tonight.

  1. Dude, make an effort

Yes, you might not be much of a costume person but this is the only day in an entire year where you can walk around the streets dressed up as whatever you want to be.

You don’t want to be the killjoy who turned up to a Halloween party with the lame excuse: “I am dressed up as a busy person who didn’t have time to buy a costume.”

Oh, and a sheet with a couple of holes over your head doesn’t count.

  1. One is a lonely number

No idea what to do with your significant other on Friday? Why don’t you dress up as a famous couple?

There are plenty of gruesome twosomes to choose from, Bonnie and Clyde, Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett, True Romance’s Clarence and Alabama, the list is endless.

Use your imagination and devise any kind of devilish duo, reunite Romeo and Juliet beyond in the grave in a zombie romance, I’m no Dr Phil, but that could definitely score some extra brownie points to your relationship.

  1. Take it easy with the pranks

Of course your mates aren’t really safe from your dastardly deeds, and they shouldn’t be.

The theme of every year is ‘Trick or Treat’ but we should always enjoy ourselves responsibly because Halloween at A&E is no fun.

We understand you really want to get even with your friend who jumped you on that dark hallway last year disguised as a giant spider but pulling the same prank on an arachnophobe is definitely a terrible idea.

  1. Horror movie marathon

Not much of an outdoor person, huh?

That’s just fine because the best thing about Halloween is that you can also enjoy it on your own.

All you need is a TV, a bowl full of popcorn and a can of lager right in front of you. Then close the lights, press play and let the scares begin.

You can also watch a few movies with friends, but make sure you’re all the courageous types.

“We get it, you think Scream is too scary and no, we are not putting The Notebook!”

  1. How about some ghost stories?

Not much of a movie buff? No problem.

Gather around with your friends and put together the scariest ghost story you could think of by using your macabre minds, and maybe some classic horrorfic from masters like Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft.

Your spooky story though will mean nothing if you don’t act it out a bit so make sure you set the mood and turn the lights down.

  1. Keep away from summoning spirits

There you are in front of the mirror putting the finishing touches on your face paint and all of a sudden you think about that Bloody Mary story…

Summoning spirits, or playing with the dead, will only make you morbid and lead to quite a few unsettled nights.

If all those legends are indeed true, the last thing you need is some creepy dead person watching you sleep at night.

So keep that dusty Ouija board in the closet.

  1. Carve a pumpkin already

Carving the traditional pumpkin is always a must, even if your carving skills are so bad you were disowned by the entire family last Christmas.

Nothing beats a good’ole Jack O’Lantern at your front door, and the best part is you can do this with friends or family – always a barrel of laughs.

Plus, you’ll be surprised when you find out what a pumpkin looks from the inside. It’s not pretty, but that’s Halloween for you.

  1. Who’s hungry?

What is a celebration without good food?

Surely no one wants to spend Halloween stuffing themselves with all kinds of candy bars – although Milky Ways are amazing.

Nothing beats putting together some traditional food with that left over pumpkin so hubble, bubble, toil and trouble in your kitchen, just leave the eye of newt for the real creepy cooks.

  1. Attractions anyone?

Have you ever walked outside the London Dungeon and thought that you really want to visit there one day? Well here’s your perfect chance.

The venues are countless, London Bridge, Madame Tussauds, Ghost Bus Tours, Jack the Ripper Ghost Walks and many more.

Those events promise a lot of unforgettable scares, fun horror trivia and plenty of excitement.

Just make sure you are always on your toes because all those actors love to jump on you out of nowhere.

  1. Paranormal Theatre

Anyone of you left shaking after a scary film? Imagine the suspense you will get at a theatre that presents paranormal events live on the flesh.

Ghost Stories at the Arts Theatre in the West End promises the scare of a lifetime with some incredible performances and magnificent scenery that will convince you that there is actual paranormal activity on stage.

The plot is cryptic but you’ll be scared out of seat, keep telling yourselves it’s just a play…

Picture courtesy of Selbe B, with thanks

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