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Three ways to enjoy a night in London

With London fully opened up, here are three great tips to have a great time out at night in the capital. 

Dinner and a show

Every good night should start with food, and a promise of a great experience.

Not only is dinner an important meal, it is also a good way to establish a base for trying some alcoholic beverages on a night out.

If in doubt about where to eat, you can always check our food & drink section to see if any place stands out.

There is almost always bound to be something on the horizon in any decent sized city, and with a little snooping around, you can get in on the latest events to really start the night off with a bang.  

Visit a sports bar

If it is sports you fancy, and your fellow mates are of a similar persuasion, a sports bar might just be the place for you.

Going to a place where your peers gather to talk about, and revel in the glory of sportsmanship, is an experience in and of itself.

Ranging from cosy bars with a rich atmosphere, to those with a touch of the neat and pristine, sports bars come in many shapes and forms, and are always willing to welcome like-minded folks.

Go dancing

Should you find yourself in the mood for swinging your hips, hitting the dancefloor might just be a good idea.

There are bountiful opportunities to dance and let loose, just as long as there is music.

You can choose to dance your night out till late night or early morning depending on your mood and your plans for the next day.

While showing off your moves, and the need for nicotine arises, consider an easy to use nicotine pouch.

Eliminating the danger of zinging someone, and very practical, your hands are now free to boogie the night away. 

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