Is there ever any good news anymore?

February is a bit of a depressing month for everyone; but the grey London skies can make the cold and dreary weather feel even worse!

Thankfully, there are good things happening out there! It may seem like it’s all violence and other dark things, but we promise that it’s not.

Likewise, it can sometimes seem that the only lucky ones are those who don’t deserve it – you know when you hear of the people you really can’t stand getting somewhere in life? Thankfully, good things happen to good people.

Take winning big, for example. Brits are winning cold, hard, cash left, right and centre and let’s face it – they deserve it! There have been several UK powerball winners from places like Sheffield and Leicester, and you can be among them in future – you just need to be prepared to actually play or you won’t have a shot at all!

Money (CC BY 2.0) by Philip Taylor PT
Money © Philip Taylor PT

Then there are the unsung heroes a little closer to home who aren’t just getting good news – they’re giving it. Ahmed Fowad, a Londoner who also happens to be a Muslim, raised £400,000 for the Poppy Appeal with his fellow Muslim friends.

While a lot of the media chooses to focus on his faith in a negative light, he proved (although he shouldn’t ever have had to) that the actions of a few do not represent everyone. He was even commended by David Cameron in the wake of the awful Paris attacks.

Also, in 2015, an off-duty doctor rescued a cyclist who she saw injured in the street. Searching the South London news can often make for bleak reading, but this is a clear example of a selfless act. She saved the man’s life.

It’s not just him, and it’s not just her. Great things happen in London every day. Think about all of the volunteers that work for organizations helping everyone from the elderly to women and children.

What about the ordinary Londoners who welcome struggling pensioners into their home because they’re lonely? (Yes, that really happened!). Or what about the Londoners who smile and wave at their neighbours just to help people feel less alone?

Yes, there are bad things going on all across London, including right here in the south west. But there are bad things happening everywhere. The important thing to note is that there are good things too – you just have to look for them.

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