COMMENT: Sustainable fashion is the new 2020’s trend

Fashion has always been dependable on decade.

If we date back to the 1920s when we were blessed with flappers or the ’70s when flares and platform heels were trendy, the world has seen many fashion trends. 

But is there a fashion trend now in 2022?

In recent years fashion throughout the years has seemed to work its way back with flares and cargos becoming popular once again, so how can we say we have our own style when we are reusing old trends? 

In this decade we have revamped some of the previous decades’ fashion favourites with eco-fashion. 

The appeal of sustainable clothing stems from its vegan and cruelty-free promise and the fact that all items can be upcycled and recycled.

Primark and Urban Outfitters are among many high street stores that have started producing renewable fashion suitable for the current climate. 

Even the Met Gala theme this year highlights the lack of originality this decade has, having the theme as “In America: An anthology of fashion” throwing it back to prominent fashion eras.

This theme enabled A-list celebrities like Billie Eilish to show their support for sustainable fashion, by bringing back some previous designs or repurposing old materials. 

The concept behind eco-fashion is very impressive and a move in the right direction in terms of protecting the world from greenhouse gases, however, in this decade we haven’t created our own individual fashion sense but instead just recycled previous eras. 

This era has no originality nor set trend, however, it is the first decade that we have started seeing people wear whatever they desire without the judgement of others. 

With some rocking skinny jeans and others joggers, this era is free, fun and eco-friendly. 

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