COMMENT: Qatar’s anti-LGBT stance should deem them ineligible to host football world cup

Seven months to the World Cup in Qatar, but should it be held in a country that does not accept gay people? 

Finally, the World Cup is coming around again. Every four years the world’s best football teams come together for a worldwide tournament held in a different country. 

After the buzz surrounding the delayed Euro 2020, there is no better time for the World Cup than the present, but there is still so much controversy surrounding this year’s competition.  

One of the reasons why last year’s European competition was so successful is because it was held in the summer. 

With normality slowly restoring after the Covid-19 pandemic, the country came together as a unit to support the nation and it almost brought international football glory to England. 

But it was not meant to be. 

The World Cup this year will not be in the summer but starting in November and end on December 18. 

Given club competitions start in August and end in May there will have to be a winter break, which will feel strange. 

However, the biggest concern surrounding the competition being held in Qatar is their general disregard for women and LGBT people’s rights.  

In 2022 it is still illegal to be homosexual in Qatar. Although they do not allow public displays of affection in any form, LGBT+ people are being urged to not take the pride flag to the tournament in fear of repercussions.  

In October 2021, Australian footballer Josh Cavallo came out as gay. As one of only two openly gay, male professional footballers you must question whether it is safe for him to represent his country on a huge stage in a country where people are killed for being homosexual.  

More should have been done to avoid an event as big as the World Cup being held in a country not safe for LGBT+ people. 

It is hard to say whether anything will be done now about holding the competition in a country that is still living in the stone ages, but questions over how it was allowed to become a host in the first place will continue to be asked in the coming months. 

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