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Londoners among the least charitable in the UK

Londoners are among the least charitable in the UK, new research has found, with less than a third donating or volunteering monthly to charity.

Only 30% of Londoners support charities once a month and 17% have never donated or volunteered, according to research released by the Smiley Charity Film Awards.

This compares with East of England which reigns as the most charitable region, with 37% supporting at least once a month.

The film awards are an annual initiative by the Smiley Movement, which conducts a poll on charity giving to understand behaviour and public opinion.

A spokesperson for the Smiley Movement said: “London has some catching up to do”.

Percentage of people who support charities by donation or volunteer at least once a month

Scottish counterparts are bottom of the rank, with 28% supporting charities once a month and 23% stating that they have never donated or volunteered.

The wider cause comes before the specific charity as the majority of Londoners support charities if they care about the cause in general.

Also, the percentage of Londoners choosing volunteering is much higher than the UK average and Londoners prefer to give monetary donations than volunteer.

Londoners are particularly likely to support a charity after watching charity films, which will compete at the Smiley Charity Film Awards in London on the 20th March.

Almost nine in ten (89%) Londoners have a sour opinion towards the charitable action of UK service providers (utilities, phone, gas and electric).

This comes among recent findings that executives and senior employees of ‘Big Six’ gas and electric companies received nearly £60m in salaries and bonuses last year.

Amid rises in energy costs and a dim economic climate, energy providers are being called on to take action against astronomic salaries and their lack of charitable action.

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Featured image credit: Smiley Charity Film Awards

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