Hammersmith’s Old Ship ready to set sail again after relaunch

After a total renovation, the Old Ship in Hammersmith proudly reopened its doors with a new look, seasonal menu, and impressive drink’s selection.

Casting its anchor on the leafy sidewalks of the Thames is Hammersmith’s Old Ship.

I may be talking about a London pub, but as you look out onto the barges, bobbing ducks and occasional Oxbridge boat-racer from the gentrified, cabin-like rooms – log-burners and all – your thoughts could be forgiven for drifting out to sea.

Not that you see too many Oxbridge rowers at sea, but who knows what twists and turns this Saturday’s Boat Race will bring?

Hammersmith’s well-loved riverside pub reopened its doors in February after an intense six-week refurbishment.

But don’t worry — the Old Ship hasn’t lost any of its rustic charm. The below-deck vibes remain in most of the rooms, with warm lighting, woody aromas, and plush leather sofas to disappear into.

The vessel has, however, diversified its appeal, now offering sheer cosy upstairs in the drawing room, a light, quirky conservatory where you can watch the boats sail by as you tuck in to your breakfast waffle, a beautiful bar equipped with a fabulous range of gins, wines, and cask-conditioned beers, and a seasonal menu to comfort at any time of the year.

The manager of the pub, David Carlin, was positively jubilant over the transformation. “It’s all about homely and welcome here,” he said. He didn’t even need to say it: it’s the first impression you get.

David, 35, explained how the pub came to look a bit “tired” after nine years of the same style. “I’m in a beautiful area. Why not have a beautiful pub?” he said.

One point David was particularly emphatic on, was the food. The renovation meant a staff reshuffle, with the Old Ship welcoming several new additions to the kitchen.

He said: “I can’t believe how I still smile every time food leaves my hands.

“I’m very proud of my food, made from fresh, pure fresh.”

With its prime position on the edge of the Thames, the Old Ship offers an ideal location from which to watch the Oxbridge rowers battle it out tomorrow. Two bands will be providing extra entertainment during the day, and there’ll be five beer tents and a prosecco bar making the event as glamorous as it should be.

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