PODCAST: The Real Deal -Linking up on LinkedIn

In this episode of The Real Deal we look at how an unlikely platform has become a destination for single souls looking for love.

Whether they’ve gone straight from Zoom to the swoon or thought they were well suited to connect, LinkedIn has become a greasy pole for people to negotiate a meeting beyond the boardroom. 

For some it’s just a brief-case of lust but for others it is the real deal.

In this podcast, we meet some people who have accepted offers on applications and also meet those who have turned down applications.

But there is also a darker side to the fun of corporate connections which even creeps into the professional space.

A number of people have spoken of inappropriate and unacceptable questions floated in interviews by potential employers which will be addressed in this podcast.

So clock in and gather round the water fountain to hear the latest briefing on this new love corporation.  

Featured image credit: Kristin Hardwick

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