It’s the most wasteful time of the year: the environmental impact of Christmas

As well as being a time of joy, Christmas is undoubtedly a period of excessive consumerism and waste.

In fact, environmentalists have described the holiday season as ‘the world’s greatest annual environmental disaster.’

In light of last month’s COP26 in Glasgow, a lot of us are wondering how we can begin to reduce our own carbon footprint, and taking a look at our environmental impact at the most wasteful time of the year is a great place to start.

Pile of Christmas trees highlighting one of the environmental impacts of Christmas
REAL VS FAKE: The environmental impact of Christmas trees is a sore subject for Brits who buy millions every year

Christmas waste statistics show an ever increasing amount of waste each holiday season, particularly from unwanted gifts, wrapping, packaging and food.

SWL speaks to experts about the environmental impact of Christmas trees, gift wrapping, party wear and food waste over the festive period.

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