‘New levels of chafing, sweatiness and soggy sock syndrome’: Assault course Adrenaline Rush to land in London

It all started as a throwaway comment – one of the three things I wanted to achieve in 2015.

First off was to travel beyond my usual European parameters and visit New York.

Hardly an earth-shattering aim but I completed it while having a huge amount of fun, coupled with an embarrassingly large number of salted pretzels, back in February.

My second was to go on a city break and explore somewhere new – cue Barcelona where I ate my body weight in tapas and matched it with quantities of sangria.

(We did manage to gatecrash a Nordic Walking race…. that counts, right?)

Barcelona training summer Helen
CONTINENTAL TRAINING: Gatecrashing a Spanish race

In bid to get fitter, work off the aforementioned food and drink and prove to myself I could do it I decided to sign up to an endurance event.

I spotted an advert for Adrenaline Rush which promised a ‘high voltage, non-stop, energy-packed obstacle race, where everyone can experience new levels of chafing, sweatiness and soggy sock syndrome’.

Spider's WebTANGLED: The Spider’s Web obstacle

As grim as some of that sounded I was intrigued. Maybe this was the challenge to complete my list while raising some charity cash?

After signing up, along with friend, I’ve been receiving some pretty terrifying emails detailing what to expect.

Rope Swing
EAT YOUR HEART OUT TARZAN! Competitors take on the rope swing

Obstacles including Pitlane Hell (it involves tyres), Water Torture and hotfooting over burning coals in Fires of Hell are just some of the delights waiting for me at hundreds of others at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – the setting of the London 2012 games.

I have been doing some training, though perhaps not as much as I should have done.

Commonwealth Games silver medalist and Adrenaline Rush organiser John Gladwin explained that the course was the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself while having fun with friends.

Adrenalin Run PhotoshootCHALLENGING: One man manages to avoid the swinging buoys

John Gladwin’s top tips for South West Londoner:

  1. Don’t think, just do – with 25% of the entrance fee going to Macmillan you’ll be challenging yourself AND getting your adrenalin pumping for a great cause.
  1. A friend in need – why not do it with a mate and share the experience? Just enter the same wave and you can help each other around the course. You can enter Adrenaline Rush as a team of up to four people, so get recruiting!
  1. Eyes on the prize – this is the perfect opportunity for you to get into shape (if you’re not already of course, which we’re sure you are…) by doing a bit of training beforehand. A few push-ups at home and the odd jog is a great place to start to make sure you’re on top form for the big day.
  1. Lay off the pie and pints the night before – you might have a head for heights but the height hangover combo is not a good one, especially with everything that we’ve got in store for you…
  1. Don’t let the obstacles beat you – you might not like the water, the heights or the look of most of the obstacles… but you can do it and others will be there to help. Just take a deep breath, focus and go for gold!
  1. Enjoy it – the course won’t last forever and soon you’ll be counting down the days until your next Adrenaline Rush.
  1. Stay and party – make sure you join in with the celebrations afterwards and cheer on the other victims, I mean competitors.

For more information or to get involved visit or tweet at @GetYourRushAR.

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