ShazJewellery makes headways using breast milk as key material

In the heart of every piece of jewellery lies a carefully curated selection of materials, each chosen with precision to bring forth a creation that is both captivating and timeless.

For some this material is precious gems, or metals, for others it is something more unique entirely, breast milk.

Jeweller Sharon Cavendish has been adding the special ingredient of breast milk into her jewellery to make the most intimate pieces for mothers and loved ones.

The mum of four has been creating bespoke pieces of jewellery using the magic ingredient of breast milk to offer customers the ultimate personalization for the past five years.

Having started making jewellery full-time during Covid-19, Cavendish has not looked back since.

She said: “I take the breast milk that I’m given which doesn’t need to be very much five to 10 ml and then I use a process that changes it into flakes.

“These flakes can then be stored in a fridge for as long as one likes them and are put inside resin.

“I can either leave them the colour they are or add a pearl micro powder to them to make give them a lovely pearl colour.”

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