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Discovering luxury sample sales amid the cost-living-crisis in London

With the cost of living hitting hard, and opportunities to splash the cash on luxury clothes and accessories extremely limited, sample sales may be the solution.

One such sale, which sees luxury clothing items sold at discount prices for a variety of business-related reasons, took place in Bond Street on 16th March.

There were more than 800 attendees, sampling a hundred brands from leading fashion designers to independent designers.

David, the fashion sale organizer, said: “People attend sample sales because they cannot afford luxury items at full price.”

David disclosed that luxury products sold at a discount are not of the same quality as the ones found in the brand’s flagship store.

Image: Fashion followers attended the sample sale event in London

As the event organiser, David takes a commission on excess inventory and production samples that luxury designers sell at the end of the season, typically a year later.

The venue’s provider said: “We’ve been running discounted sample sales in Mayfair for eight years.

“We offer luxury items at affordable prices due to discounts of up to 70%, and sometimes even up to 90% off the original prices offered by the brands.”

However, not everyone likes to compromise their luxury shopping experiences for discounted prices.

Sara, a 35-year-old analyst, expressed disappointment with the sample sale due to the disorganised room.

She said: “I didn’t enjoy the sale. This is not aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

“High-end shopping experiences should include exclusive services, the environment, location and products.

“Sample sales are about the psychology of ‘winning.’ People feel satisfied when they pay less but still get the same luxury goods as the full-price buyers.”

Sara argued people attend luxury sales during the cost-of-living crisis in London because dressing up makes them feel cheered up, and helps them align with other middle-class individuals.

Zack, a 30-year-old optometrist, also attended, buying two jumpers from an independent designer at a discounted price.

He said: “Buying stuff from sample sales is hit-and-miss.

“I think the items are good, but it’s difficult to know what to expect since they don’t have enough sizes available.

“I needed to buy jumpers. If I didn’t buy them here, I would buy the full-priced ones from the brand’s original stores. But they are cheaper here. I haven’t worn them yet, but I think the quality is good.”

Image: Designer’s bags and accessories were at discounted prices

Featured image credit: Photo by Alexander Kovacs on Unsplash

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