Trowbridge with a young trainee

Personal trainer uses Instagram live to ‘box-ivate’ during lockdown

When the Government announced two weeks ago that the country was going into a third national lockdown, for a lot of people this meant working from home, if they could work at all.

Instead of accepting defeat to the restrictions, Ellis Trowbridge, a boxer and now personal trainer, took this as an opportunity to take his work with ‘Royal.T Fitness’ to the next level with Instagram lives for his clients.

This is a new challenge for Trowbridge, and it is something that he feels is helping him build confidence and get out of his comfort zone, not only for himself but with the individuals he works with too.

Trowbridge said: “I say to everyone when we are working out, it’s all about the good vibes and just getting people involved.

“With this lockdown it’s very hard to not have that release. I feel that these sessions give people that socialisation that they now can’t access at the gym.”

He explained that he wants to “box-ivate” people not just motivate them.

SET UP: Trowbridge wants to ‘box-ivate’ rather than motivate

Trowbridge, an amateur boxer on the England Talent Pathway, added: “I feel like with my experiences being an amateur boxer it gives me that valuable knowledge I can then pass on.”

The Haringey champion feels that the sessions work both ways because he can pass on that valuable knowledge he has, and the sessions allow him to always be training and learning new things.

He said: “The goal from the beginning was to motivate and inspire as many people as I possibly can, I feel like that is the ethos of ‘Royal.T Fitness’.

“I chose Instagram because I have a decent Instagram following already and I thought I would use the platform that my clients know too.

“However, I could be moving to Zoom, which will give me the ability to be able to see my clients live and further that socialisation aspect.”

Mental health is a big part of the live sessions and Trowbridge emphasised the importance of feel good on the inside when working out as people who are happy with it will stick with it and the work will pay off in the future.

You can check out Trowbridge’s Instagram here.

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