On the Pulse: Would you mind if Ched Evans played for your club?

Earlier today, ex-Sheffield United Footballer, Ched Evans was released from jail for good behaviour after serving half of his five year sentence for rape.

There has been a lot of talk on whether Evans should be allowed back into football or not, including the controversy sparked by Judy Finnigan earlier this week.

An online petition asking Sheffield United to not re-sign the striker has gathered more than 149,000 supporters signatures.

A controversial topic, we took to the streets of South West London to find out your opinions:

Would you mind if Ched Evans played for your club?

YES                                                                              NO
70%                                                                              30%

The question provided some fiery responses and was dodged several times, with some of the interviewees asking to remain anonymous due to the controversy of the subject

Postman Ian Murphy, 26, said: “I have a family, am a father of two girls so it hits me hard personally, no one should be violated the way that girl was.”

An ex-lawyer, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “It’s a poor example, if you let him back to his position of privilege.

“I think that just the fact that they are considering it is disgusting.”

Miriam, a 75 year-old pensioner, was also not happy “He has done a terrible thing. Why should he be given back such a blinding job that earns so much money?”

Steve, 31, a ventilation engineer said: “Anyone who does things like that would not be allowed back at their job.

“People who go to jail for drugs get an eight year sentence and this guy is being let out after two and a half years. Don’t get me wrong, drugs are bad, but this is something else.”

28-year-old doctor Wahida agreed: “Sports people have it easy. They should be treated the same as anyone else, if not worse due to their public position.”

David Forbes, a 35-year-old post-grad student has similar feelings, he said: “He wouldn’t be able to get a job with a criminal record in most places, so why should it be any different for him just because he is good at football?”

Ted Smith, 27, was slightly more sympathetic to Evans’ cause, but would not like it if the striker played for his dear AFC Wimbledon.

“He should be integrated back into society, I would just prefer if it was at another club,” he said.

Taxi Driver, Gary Hawes however was in favour of letting Evans back in.

“It is irrelevant for football. People with other convictions are allowed back into football, so why not him?” asked the 52-year-old.

A programme manager for the NHS, who also wished to remain anonymous, said: “Everyone deserves a chance to be rehabilitated. He has done his time, if anything the problem is with the system that is allowing him to go so early.”

IT Consultant Stuart Clarke added: “There are certain jobs that you would not be allowed to do after that. I don’t think Football is one of them.

“You would need to change the whole system, if you were to stop him from playing.”

Picture courtesy of blogdroed, with thanks

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