London has the lowest proportion of veterans in England and Wales

London has the lowest proportion of UK armed forces veterans from across the Army, Navy, and RAF veterans and reserves of any region in England and Wales, according to recent figures.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics showed the number of veterans in London is lowest in England with just 101,000, 1.4% of people.

Moreover, they make up the lowest proportion of households with at least one veteran with 96,000, 2.8% of households.

Comparatively, the South West had the highest proportion of veterans with 265,000 people, making up 5.6% of the population and had the highest percentage of households with at least one veteran with 247,000, which is 10.1% – four times higher than the capital.

Percentage of the population aged 16 and over who previously served in the armed forces, 2021, in England, Wales, and regions of England.

Hannah Pearce, Director of Campaigns, Policy and Research at Royal British Legion said: “Our research has shown that there is a trend of veterans remaining in the areas they were based when serving.

“For example, there are many in Gosport and Plymouth which have strong naval connections, and North Yorkshire and Wiltshire which have strong Army connections.

“This could explain why there are fewer in London as there are fewer military bases in the capital.

“We’re continuing to gather and examine data on the armed forces community so we can deliver the best service possible to people when and where it is needed most.

“We’re also campaigning for the government to fulfil the Armed Forces Covenant and ensure veterans, military personnel and their families get the support they need.

“More than 100,000 people in London are veterans and at Royal British Legion we’re here to support them all, whether it is help with employment, housing or the cost of living.

“It’s vital that all veterans get the support they need and in the last year alone, Royal British Legion has given out more than £400,000 of grants to veterans in London as well as support through its helpline and other services such as help with recovery after illness or injury.”

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