The Horrors of Hatfishing

Hatfishing is a term that has become commonplace amongst daters in recent times.

This is when someone covers their baldness under a hat on social media or dating apps from their love interests.

Someone who has experienced this firsthand is nurse Daisy Dempsey, 30.

She met a guy online who she thought was attractive, but he kept his hat on in all his photos.

Undeterred by this, Daisy decided to meet up with him but was shocked when he took off his hat and revealed what was underneath, which altered her view of him completely.

HAT’S IT: Hatfishing is a dating phenomenon which has seen a surge in recent times

Speaking on her encounter she said: “First of all, I just thought he must really like that hat.

“Because we got on, I didn’t think too much of it.”

She added that they went out to a bar after eating, where he was forced to take off his hat or else he wouldn’t be allowed in.

Daisy said she was in disbelief by what she saw and that she felt duped by him.

She continued: “This isn’t the guy that I saw or know in the photos that you put out to me.

“So yeah, I felt a bit betrayed.”

HATFISH HORROR: Daisy was in shock when she saw her date without a hat on

But Daisy isn’t the only one who has fallen victim to hatfishing.

She added: “I’ve heard it happen to other people as well, I don’t know their circumstances or their experience, but I have heard it happening to other women.”

Her claims were backed up on social media, where more and more women are sharing that it has happened to them.

This trend seems to be a real concern for women such as Daisy who wants to make sure she can steer others away from having a similar experience.

In a final bit of advice she wanted to share with ladies she said: “Stay away from the men in hats!”

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