A sheep in Vauxhall City Farm

How Vauxhall City Farm is opening children’s eyes to the great outdoors

Vauxhall City Farm is an educational charity offering the children of London a break from city life to experience the great outdoors. 

In the shadow of the MI6 building, the farm provides a range of educational and recreational activities which teach urban children about the importance of sustainability and agriculture as well as the origins of fruit and vegetables.

Around 100 animals live at the farm including alpacas, pigs, rabbits and a very old turkey called Trevor. 

Chief executive Monica Tyler said: “This is a very urban area where most people live in flats.

“The farm is a little oasis and a little piece of the countryside for people to come to.”

In 2019 the Wildlife Trust commissioned a survey to evaluate the impact that experiencing nature has upon children.

It found that after spending time in the great outdoors, 79% of the children felt their experience could help with their school work and 90% felt they learned something new about the natural world. 

Following the study the trust called for every child to have a daily one-hour nature boost. 

Vauxhall City Farm is one of 12 farms in London.

These spaces offer the perfect opportunity for city children to experience nature to benefit their mental health and wellbeing and to recognise the importance of the great outdoors. 

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