Valentine's Day

Four ways to spend Valentine’s Day: at home edition

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so whether you’re in a situationship, single, taken or all the above, here are four ways you can spend the evening celebrating love at home, on a budget.

  • Nacho night

For the foodies out there, this is the perfect Mexican themed night that won’t hurt your bank account.

Grab yourself a table and cover it in tin foil, your plate is ready!

Cover your new plate in a mound of nachos (as big as your group desires) and add your favourite toppings.

At the time of research Tesco’s 200g lightly salted nachos stand at £1.00 a bag.

  • Dress up (as one of your friends) evening

No last-minute clothes orders required.

You only need to go as far as your friend’s wardrobe for this one.

Put all your names in a bowl and mix, one by one pick out the name of the friend you will be dressing up as and keep this a secret until Valentine’s Day.

Arrive one by one, making an entrance most appropriate to the personality of the friend you are impersonating.

The only rule is you must stay in character all night.

Step it up: go around the table telling the most embarrassing stories you know about one another, nothing is off limits!

  • Sip & Paint (18+)

Any budding artists in the group? Name a better duo than paint and alcohol.

Order yourselves a set of beginner’s paint & canvas sets and get thinking of a theme!

A boozy yet creative night can really bring out the inner Picasso. Some popular choices include self-portraits, nature, most embarrassing scenarios or an abstract masterpiece.

Step it up: Swap your canvases around every 15 minutes until each person has added their part to the painting, then display your drunken creations from best to not so good.

  • Breakfast for Dinner

For some, this might seem like their worst nightmare but swapping the fajitas for some hash browns and scrambled egg can be an interesting change to your week.

Bag your breakfast favourites and get cooking. Pancake day is only around the corner but who says you can’t do it twice?

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