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Tesco launches wine-and-food-pairing service to revolutionise date night

Tesco launched a new wine-and-food-pairing service today that recommends wine to go with your dinner.

The Tesco Sommelier Messaging Service allows wine drinkers to text a team of experts from restaurants across the country, who will reply with a wine pairing recommendation.

It was launched following a survey* which showed that whilst 61% of wine drinkers think that pairing a wine to a meal makes it more enjoyable, 78% would welcome more assistance when choosing a bottle.

The survey also revealed that 67% of wine drinkers want to learn more about how to match wine to food, but more than half are still nervous about picking something new.

The service launches today and is available between 12pm and 7pm every day until 16 April 2021.

Users answer three simple questions to receive a response based on their tastes, budget and menu for the night.

SORTED: Text a wine expert with your dinner plans to receive personalised wine recommendations

Behind the Tesco Sommelier Messaging Service is a panel of 20 sommeliers and wine waiters led by TV presenter and wine expert Helen McGinn who regularly appears on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen. 

A Tesco spokesperson said: “There is no replacement for the restaurant experience and receiving personal guidance from the in-house sommelier.

“Until that can be enjoyed again, Tesco SMS will give wine-drinkers access to those experts remotely, to help them make the most of the brilliant bottles in reach – but as of yet, undiscovered – on their weekly shop.”

How to request a wine recommendation:

  • Step 1: Text “WINE” to 82228
  • Step 2: Answer the questions when prompted, sharing information about your usual wine preferences and what you’re planning to cook/eat
  • Step 3: Your sommelier will review the information submitted and send back wine recommendations tailored to you
  • A personalised answer will usually be delivered within 30 minutes

Standard network rate messages apply. One charge only will be billed per request.

Tesco will donate £1 for every recommendation to Hospitality Action, a charity supporting UK hospitality workers.

Over the course of the pandemic Hospitality Action has helped thousands of families put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads.

*According to the Opinion Matters survey, 26/02/2021 – 01/03/2021, involving 1,010 respondents over the age of 25 who buy wine.

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