Smudged Lipstick: The Anti-Valentines Day Dating Service

If you’ve spent Valentines Day calming your nerves with another bottle of wine you can’t afford before your date carries you to the station, then Smudged Lipstick may be for you.

Founded by Jordi Sinclair in 2016, Smudged Lipstick has become one of the hottest dating services in the UK, calling time on the yearly ordeal of white tablecloths and long silences.

Jordi said: “I hate valentines, the set menu at a cheesy french restaurant. We do anti-valentines events, no love hearts or crepe paper cupids.

“We’re not going to say love is around the corner or promise you’ll meet the one, but we will promise you’ll have a good night.”

Smudged Lipstick runs events in London, Bristol, Manchester and Liverpool, and tickets sell out fast with rave reviews from singles tired of suppressing flatulence over cheese and wine.

Their events include Jenga, Cards Against Humanity and open mic nights to unburden yourself of the night when you shared the bed with your date and her five Yorkshire Terriers.  

Jordi said: “The activity is an ice breaker, when people are having fun they’re more relaxed.

“It’s not the last chance saloon. I wanted to create something where people could have a fun night, not stand on the wall thinking jesus this is what my life’s come to.”

Smudged Lipstick has been a disruptor, removing the stigma of one woman playing Twister with ten men by always working with equal numbers, with rules around host fraternisation.  

Attendees have to leave their phones at the door, a relief for singles who sacrifice Sunday afternoon’s pyjamas to schlep across town and watch their date check Instagram.

Jordi said: “I built the brand for people to get better at communication, we run events for people to get off their phones, socialise and put themselves out of their comfort zone.”

To those with Hinge fatigue, wondering if a relationship is worth the ‘something happened at work’ texts as your blowdrying your hair, Smudged Lipstick is a perfect antidote.  

Jordi said: “We’re amazing at swiping but people aren’t as confident face-to-face and the skillsets have fallen by the wayside.”

“If you’ve got seven other Tinder matches you don’t have to put in as much effort. People are looking for an organic way to meet without the pressure and the tension.”

It’s also more than a dating service, especially if you’re at the age of calculating whether you’re the thirteenth or fifteenth wheel, questioning your choices as your friends compare caterers.

Jordi said: “When you get to your early thirties, you just don’t have the single friend’s that are willing to go out as much.

“We’re not a company that’s all love hearts and soul mates, we want people to meet single friends with common interests. We just want people to enjoy themselves and have fun.”

I won’t be breaking tradition on Monday, hiding under my duvet with antidepressants and cider, but I’ll be sure to head down to The Clapham North on the 24th for Dirty Scrabble.

Featured Image Credit: Smudged Lipstick

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