On the Pulse: Have you stuck to your new year’s resolution?

New Year’s resolutions are a chance to purge Christmas excesses, forget New Year’s Eve and muster the will power to avoid caffeine, alcohol or people we don’t like – but can we keep them?

From learning a new language, giving up sweets and exercising more, New Year’s resolutions used to be popular and fill gyms– for the first two weeks of January, at least.

But are resolutions already over? Do we even try anymore? Are our lives already governed by enough fitness plans and healthy eating philosophies that we have little energy, or enthusiasm, for another?

We took to the streets of Wimbledon to find out how the people of south west London are faring with their resolutions.

Are you sticking to your new year’s resolution?

60% 40%


Michael Faulkes, 33, an office worker in Streatham, is staying strong so far.

He said: “I didn’t last year, but this year I am. I’m cutting out chocolate, so far I’ve succeeded!”

Gerald Jones, 45, a plumber, is taking up a language to learn a new skill and make his holidays more fun.

“I thought I’d try and learn Spanish after going to Barcelona,” he said. “I haven’t signed up to any classes yet, but I will!”

Things are going well for Sally Havers, 23, a hairdresser in Wimbledon, who has vowed to make small cutbacks.

“I’m stopping buying things that I don’t need, like coffee,” she said. “I’m saving up for my wedding next year so I’m determined to stick to it!”

But James Warburton a teacher in Richmond isn’t up for the challenge after giving up on previous resolutions.

He said: “I’ve tried for years before and it’s never worked so I’m not doing one this year!”

Bradley Carr, 20, a salesman, hasn’t got one either, he also doesn’t trust his will power.

“I’ve never done New Years resolutions, I don’t think I ever will, I don’t think I could keep it up,” he said.

Jenny Davis, 41, a manager in Southfields, decided she would be more active in 2015.

She said: “I’ve joined a gym. I went three times last week!”

John Fisher, 22, a student in Brixton, is also taking up the health challenge.

“I’m trying to eat more healthily – more vegetables,” he said.

Sally Mooney, 30, a bank manager in Mitcham, is also embracing a healthy lifestyle change.

“Every year I try and eat more healthily, and this year is no different,” she said. “I got loads of cookbooks for Christmas so I’m feeling inspired!”

Georgia Davids, 29, an accountant, isn’t feeling motivated and didn’t even make a resolution this year.

“I didn’t bother this year, they’re just too difficult,” she said.

Henry Jones, 67, a retired butcher from Wimbledon, isn’t a fan of the January deadline for big life changes.

“If I don’t like something about myself, I change it. I don’t need a New Year’s resolution for that,” he said.

Image courtesy of Ed Donahue, with thanks

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