Snails in an allotment

Gardeners need to start making friends with molluscs, say the RHS

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and The Wildlife Trusts have launched a biodiversity campaign called ‘Making Friends with Molluscs’ to promote the biodiversity benefits of the slug, snail, and earthworm.

Hayley Jones, Principal Entomologist from the RHS Plant Health Team, encourages the following approaches to improve the integration with molluscs in the garden:

  1. Picking plants that are unattractive to molluscs
  2. Using natural barriers like mulches
  3. Providing other areas in your garden for molluscs to migrate to
  4. Keeping plants healthy to ensure resilience
  5. Only using biological controls like pesticides as a last resort and sparingly

Watch the full video below at East Sheen allotments to find out more.

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