Meet the emperor from Sutton who declared his house a sovereign state

Carshalton in Sutton is a quintessential English town – a community with a pretty Victorian train station, historic village centre, and known as a family-friendly place to live in the capital.

It is also home to something you might not expect, however – a sovereign empire.

Founded in 2008, Austenasia is a micronation that is located on Green Wrythe Lane, an unassuming suburban street in the town.

With a total of 106 citizens, the empire stretches across the world with subjects living on every continent bar Antarctica, but it all started in South London when the Austen family decided to declare their semi-detached house a sovereign state.

SWL spoke to Jonathan Austen, known by his compatriots as His Imperial Majesty Emperor Jonathan I, and his Texas-based Prime Minister, Lord William Wilson, about what running and being part of a micronation entails.

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Reverend Robert Murphy
Reverend Robert Murphy
4 November 2021 10:50 pm

i am interested in your micro nation will you email me please

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