A guide to playing in Casinos

If you are of age and want to try out some new forms of entertainment, then you can consider heading out to a casino. Nowadays, most casinos are luxurious and opulent, with various amenities (such as hotels, bars, restaurants, and pools to name a few) in addition to gambling.

That being said, before you jump in and start playing their games, there are a few things you need to keep in mind first. It is vital that you understand that while there can be huge rewards in gambling, it also comes with huge risks. You may also have to factor in the cost of travelling to a casino, especially if you do not live close by.

That being said, if you are interested in gambling, there are still ways you can do so online or through your mobile phone. You can check out Canadian Bonusfinder to look for advantageous gambling opportunities online.

Things you should know before entering:

Most first-timers who enter a casino often have big dreams of hitting jackpot and earning loads of money in one night. But this could not be further from the truth. While gambling can be a good source of fun and entertainment, the reality is quite different from how it is portrayed in movies and tv shows. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when you enter a casino:

Luck is the biggest factor in winning

Because everything is based on probability in a casino, players need to rely on luck to win the games. While there are methods to reduce the casino’s advantage and play smart by using reliable strategies, luck is still the biggest determining factor of success.

The house always has the advantage

No matter what game you have chosen to play, the casino you are playing in (otherwise known as the ‘house’) will have an advantage over you. Basically, the house does not need to just rely on luck to win, the only thing they need is players. Statistically, the maths is always on their side. So, understand that when going in, the house will have the upper hand in every game.

Always be ready to lose money

Sadly, despite how it is portrayed on TV or in movies, gambling is not an effective way of making money. It is only for fun and entertainment purposes. Before you commit to a game, make sure to determine how much money you are willing to risk and lose to play. Then, when you start gambling, stick to your allocated amount. Create clear boundaries for yourself when gambling. If you cannot afford it, then simply do not play – just watch others instead.

Pick a game to play

Depending on how much experience you have, some games may be better suited to you than others. For instance, if you are looking to win, you should try playing games that require some degree of skill and strategy. The games that tend to have the best odds for players who know how to play are Baccarat, Blackjack (single deck), Video poker, and Craps.

On the other hand, if you are looking to only have fun and want to play something easier, you can try out Slots, Keno, and Roulette.

Understand the rules and basic strategies

If you are nervous about starting, then make sure you begin with some of the simpler games. This will help to take the stress and pressure off you. If you want to get into playing more strategy games, you should do your research first before arriving at a casino.

There are plenty of gambling tutorials and videos online if you know where to look. Worst come to worse, you can always tell the dealer that you would like to play, but do not know how. Most dealers will gladly teach you, or even show you how to play your cards right. Asking for advice is still best done when a table is empty so that you are not slowing down the game for other players. That being said, most people tend to be understanding to newcomers and novices.

Follow etiquette

Some people may not know this, but it benefits you to remain positive, kind and an upstanding player even when you are losing. Dealers tend to be nicer, and waiters will come over to your table more often. It never hurts to remain polite – the customer service staff and other players will thank you for it!

Beyond just simple courtesy and politeness, there are a few casino rules you need to remember:

  • Do not sit at a table if you are not going to play
  • Wait until the hand is over before sitting at a table
  • Only touch your cards with one hand
  • Do not take out your phone when sitting at a table
  • Do not touch your bet once you have placed it and the hand has been dealt
  • Always tip your cocktail waiters. Also, tip your dealer regularly. However, for dealers, tip them in chips only.
  • Never stall the game

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