Alfie Boe to conclude marathon tour showcasing ‘overlooked’ music at the Royal Albert Hall

Fans of singer and Mr Selfridge star Alfie Boe will get the chance to see him live at Kensington’s Royal Albert Hall in 2019.

Alfie will be embarking on a UK wide tour which begins on Monday 18 March in Cardiff before concluding at the Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday 17 April.

The tour will follow the release of his 1930s and 40s themed album As Time Goes By next month.

His broad portfolio of roles includes Les Miserables in 2010 and the Queen’s birthday party this year.

Alfie said of performing this genre: “Why not? It’s great music which I grew up listening to as a kid, it’s music that I’ve performed in concerts many times and on tours and it seems like a great opportunity to not just put out fantastic musical repertoire but also to delve into that time period of history.”

The music of the 1930s and 40s comes between the ‘roaring’ 1920s and the rock ‘n’ roll that was made famous from the 1950s and is often overlooked.

Alfie said: “The time period of the 1930s was such a pioneering time in music, it gave birth to the music industry, it created record labels, radio stations and it created a huge buzz around the world. Delivering these songs were some amazing performance artists and it was a vibrant time for society as well, everybody started to sing the same songs like those guys from New Orleans and it was really pioneering.”

Father-of-two Alfie has confessed in the past to the long periods away on from his family resulting in heavy drinking and loneliness, something he now appears to be over.

“I’ve always really enjoyed my tours, they’re long, they’re busy and they’re fun to do,” he said.

ICONIC: Alfie will conclude his tour at the Royal Albert Hall

He’s also full of praise for his fellow musicians on this tour and says they are the most exciting prospect of it.

He said: “These guys know the music and the style of this music inside out they are so versed in it it’s unreal.

“This tour that I’m putting on will transform the view of the 30s. I want to really try and achieve that with the style, take you back to New Orleans really.”

The Royal Albert Hall is one of the most popular and famous venues in London. Opened in 1871 in memory of Queen Victoria’s late consort Prince Albert, the hall has hosted some of the world’s most famous musical artists from Eric Clapton to Adele.

It is also the venue for the annual BBC Proms and Festival of Remembrance.

As Time Goes By is out on 23 November. Alfie’s UK tour starts in March 2019. For more information visit 

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