And the award for the most Instagrammed area in London goes to… Wimbledon

Instagram is everyone’s favourite photo-sharing app, inspiring envy and #goals across the globe, but in London the leafy borough of Wimbledon is the most snapped spot.

Wimbledon came out on top with 611,158 posts but it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise, thanks to a strange little sport involving a sickly green ball and two people thrashing racquets.

In case you live under a rock, Wimbledon hosts the oldest and widely-considered most prestigious, tennis tournament in the world every year on grass which apparently is pretty rare these days.

Please pardon our lateness, did we miss the match? #wimbledon #wanderinggina #uk #london #centrecourt

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A lot of Wimbledon’s Instagram fame can be attributed to tennis. The empty stadium seems a bit anti-climactic though, since I really talked it up.

A pug in a #Wimbledon shirt…what better way to celebrate #nationaldogday?

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Even dogs like to watch a bit of tennis. There’s the risk of the plundering on to the court though.

But Wimbledon isn’t all about tennis! Look at this stunning artsy upside down photo.


Did you know the longest ever tennis match went on for 11 hours and five minutes? It was between US player John Isner and French Nicholas Mahut.

They’re both actually well-known for breaking a number of Wimbledon records, but Isner won this match. It appears that there are no hard feelings though. Their bromance is quite sweet.

Then there is Taylor Dent who broke the Wimbledon record for fastest serve with 238kmph in 2010. But then he followed that with two faults. What can you do.

But the most important fact of all is that the grass at Wimbledon is cut to exactly 8mm during tournament season. You don’t need to bring your ruler next year to check.

Convent Garden being Convent Garden came second, and Westminster, where our representatives decide our fates, came in third.

#bbbakery #afternoontea #conventgarden #friendship #reunion #london

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In typical British fashion, afternoon tea has to be featured. Cupcake, anyone?


There is that lot who like to drive us all to madness, in case you were wondering where they are.

Brixton came at a predictable fourth as the area continues to become a trendy hotspot as it gentrifies the hell out of its population to attract the big spenders.

Here is a girl sitting on a post box, as you do.

2 Birds & 1 Stone! • #bird #graffiti #art #brixton #bankholiday #postbox #streetart #brixtonart

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London Bridge is another hit at number five with its iconic bridge, amazing views from The Shard and the hippy dippy Borough Market.

A lot people seem to confuse Tower Bridge with London Bridge. C’mon Londoners. Though if you are a tourist or newcomer, I’ll give you a pass.

Love Home Swap, the world’s largest home swapping group trawled through Instagram, crunched the numbers and compiled a list of the most (and least) photographed areas in the city, there are some interesting stats that may surprise you.

The least Instagrammed areas in London are Ravenscourt Park with absolutely zero posts and Turnham Green at a humble 40. Aw.

Here are the top 10 Instagrammed areas:

  1. Wimbledon – 611,158 posts
  2. Convent Garden – 553,248 posts
  3. Westminster – 541,558 posts
  4. Brixton – 533,377 posts
  5. London Bridge – 393,669 posts
  6. Waterloo – 383,995 posts
  7. Knightsbridge – 372,624 posts
  8. Kings Cross – 356,989 posts
  9. Camden – 320,152 posts
  10. Canary Wharf – 302,902 posts

And the lowly bottom of the list, the 10 least Instagrammed areas:

  1. South Kenton – 113 posts
  2. Harrow and Wealdstone – 106 posts
  3. Dagenham Heathway – 81 posts
  4. Ruislip Gardens – 74 posts
  5. Dagenham East – 69 posts
  6. Balham – 58 posts
  7. Chalfont and Latimer – 47 posts
  8. Upminster Bridge – 41 posts
  9. Turnham Green – 40 posts
  10. Ravenscourt Park – 0

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Featured picture courtesy of Roo Reynolds, with thanks

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