Through the lens: High fashion 3D photographer captures Vogue style in London

At an El Salvador party 34 years ago a 12-year-old boy unearthed an old 35mm film camera left over at his parents’ house and became intrigued by it.

Fascinated by the hard exterior and what may lurk beneath he meticulously took the device apart and revealed the delicate film beneath.

This chance encounter sparked a life-long ambition in Roberto Aguilar to pursue and develop a career in photography.

Roberto Aguilar underwear chocolates models

Three decades on Roberto, 46, has journeyed around three continents obtaining his BA degree in Washington DC, a commercial photography diploma in Paris and an MA in Fashion Photography in London and has taken the fashion photography world by storm.

He recalled that it was during a photoshoot for W magazine that cemented his love of fashion photography.

He said: “I was assisting Carter Smith (a well-known photographer) and remember just thinking ‘I absolutely love this!’”

Roberto Aguilar Cash_Cartier_0060-Edit-Edit

Roberto’s photographs regularly grace the pages of the likes of Vogue and W magazine.

But his favourite, and most unusual, project was the 3D cover of plus-size women’s magazine SLiNK which hit the headlines.

“I have done many amazing assignments,” he explained, “But if I would have to pick one, it would be my 3D Masters project at London College of Fashion.”

Slink magazine plus size 3d cover shoot Roberto Aguilar

The photographs showcase size 14 Australian model Bree Warren of Models 1+ which can only be viewed clearly with 3D glasses provided with the magazine.

Roberto says he loves the many possibilities that photography provides, but admits that the production side of his work is something he does not particularly enjoy doing.

“Unfortunately, most of my shoots are quite heavily produced.” he said.

“If I had all the time in the world I would still shoot film. There is something quite organic about analogue.”

All pictures courtesy of Roberto Aguilar, with thanks

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