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Noci inside the newly renovated Battersea power station

Noci: perfect pasta at Battersea Power Station

Noci, an outlet situated in the heart of the newly developed Battersea Power Station is a gem for lovers of pasta.

The restaurant expands on Noci’s popular Camden site and delivers on its promise of excellent pasta dishes.

Although portions are quite small, the food is reasonably priced with options ranging from £10 to £15 for main courses.

A FAR CRY FROM THE PAST: the view of the renovated Battersea from the bank of the river Thames

My friend and I visited Noci on a quiet Thursday evening, when the power station seemed a little empty.

Our waiter Chris said: “It gets busy here around 7pm, but then sometimes it’ll just get busy when we’re least expecting it.”

Welcomed in by the dulcet tones of Tom Misch’s ‘South of the River’ (someone at Noci knows how to make a good playlist), we sat down and had a look at what was on offer.

To start we ordered a pair Yuzu Rhubarb cocktails as well as a selection of starters.

For a main course, my friend tried the Beef Shin Ragu, whilst I tried the cheaper option: Cacio & Pepe.

SIMPLE BUT TASTY: The Cacio & Pepe was simple but tasted great

Unfortunately my friend’s ragu, a popular choice recommended by Chris, didn’t last long enough for a photo opportunity, which is a testament to the dish’s quality in itself.

Eventually moving onto dessert there were only a few options but all looked enticing.

Picking out the ricotta cheesecake was an excellent choice and it was a manageable size after the earlier courses.

Finally we were presented with the bill, a reasonable £77 for a three course meal for two with drinks.

I would recommend Noci as, whilst the food was simple, it went down with no complaints and the setting of the converted power station was intriguing.

The menu changes occasionally so for pasta enthusiasts it’s worth checking in to see what new items are available.

Beatrice, who works at the restaurant, said: “It changes seasonally so every couple of months we change it, not a major change, just a few dishes and ingredients.”

You can view Noci’s menu and book a table at the Battersea site on their website.

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