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Best nights out in south west London

London is widely seen as one of the greatest cities on the planet with some of the most legendary attractions for a night out.

However, the city is a thriving beehive of action when the sun goes down so it is hard to pin-point the best places to visit.

Here is our look at the best places to try for a night out in south west London.

Fez Club, Putney

Where better to start this list than an area of London that was once labelled by author J.C. Gelkie as ‘one of the pleasantest of the London suburbs, as well as the most accessible.’

Located just to the south of the River Thames it is positioned close enough to the centre that everything is within easy reach but also within its own right is a hub of activity and entertainment.

The Fez Club is a fine example of the hidden treasures this part of London can offer tourists and locals alike.

Any place that offers a cocktail masterclass for guests needs to be held in high regard.

The close proximity of the University of Roehampton, London and its Students’ Union ensures the area is alive at night and the Fez Club benefits from this blend of youth of students and maturity of locals.

The Moroccan theme delivers electronic shishas, a comedy festival, and theme nights such as Clique, Sounds of the Souk, Fez Loves Fridays, and Industry Night ensure the place is never dull no matter what day of the week you stop by.


The Depot Brasserie, Barnes Riviera

If the frantic night life created by a student population does not tick your boxes, then you might prefer something a little more classy and up market.

If so, then look no further than The Depot Brasserie that is wonderfully positioned on the banks of the Barnes Riviera along the River Thames where an idyllic and stunning view accompanies the sophisticated d├ęcor of the interior.

A range of sumptuous food and drinks caters for all tastes and needs with a menu on show that boasts something for people of all ages.

The different sections of the venue ensure that there is a setting available for all types of parties and events.

The Sunset Room can seat 50 people or more for larger occasions, the Sunset Conservatory offers a more intimate environment with space for 22 seats, and the River Bar-Lounge is on hand for the more informal meet-ups.

The ambiance of this venue is summed up by a Telegraph review that stated it was ‘the sort of local that we all wish we had at the end of our road’.


Hemingways, Wimbledon

Now, whenever somebody says the word ‘Wimbledon’ there are usually three things that immediately come to mind.

Tennis, football, and the Wombles.

Granted, it’s likely it might only be one or two of those depending on the person’s age but it is a place that has very much become associated to certain topics.

So the fact it offers a bit more than just sport and age-old cartoon characters might come as a pleasant surprise to some.

Hemingways is one of those delights and as an award-winning cocktail and champagne bar it is it is somewhere you simply must sample if you are in and around the SW19 district of London during your visit to the capital city of London.

The cocktails and champagne are not the only appeal of this visually-stunning wine bar.

The food and drink is nothing short of exemplary and the weekly open mic nights allow you to experience some of the freshest and unique musical talent in the city.

If you do stop here for a beverage or ten, then it is obligatory to taste the in-house cocktail concoction called Pomme d’Hemingways.

It will blow your socks off!

One Kew Road, Richmond

As a venue itself, One Kew Road might not stand out from the crowd but this is a pub you will want to visit for a number of very key reasons.

The first is that it is the venue that The Rolling Stones played their first ever gig back in February, 1963 when it was called the Crawdaddy Club.

So you will be experiencing history first hand.

The fact it also offers some sublime food and drink is just a bonus in the mix.

Secondly, this venue is included as a stop-off for the iconic Swinging 60s bus tours that circulate around London to take in the sights and sounds of the city’s rich musical past with locations including Eel Pie Island, Twickenham Studios, and the King’s Road.

A pint and a bite to eat at this venue is the perfect start before embarking on one of these exhilarating tours.

The other drop-off for the bus tour is at the Hard Rock Cafe in Old Park Lane which is located near the hub of casinos within the city.

Casinos such as the Hippodrome Casino, Grosvenor Casino, Genting Casino, and Empire Casino are all within a short travel distance.

Practice your casino skills at home on a good website and then begin your night at One Kew Road before getting on the Swinging 60s bus tour for a fun-filled night out.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

The final entry on this list is a more low-key offering as opposed to the boozers and party venues that we’ve listed already.

This is one for those that prefer the calm and quiet of nature as opposed to the hustle and bustle of the night lights.

It is also somewhere that is necessarily one for the night owls but can be seen as a place to visit in the twilight hours or as the evening is just starting before a venture into the city centre awaits.

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew are a picturesque setting for a romantic jaunt to start an evening in the city.

It was originally founded back in 1840 and contains more than 30,000 different species of plant.

The gardens are considered so beautiful and rich in their habitat that they were officially announced as a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 2003.

This is somewhere different to begin an evening but also simply awe-inspiring in its serenity.


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