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picture of the outside of Piccadilly Hard Rock Cafe.The Name is in bold red writing the brick is grey.

Review: Thanksgiving at the iconic Piccadilly Hard Rock Cafe

Thanksgiving is the largest dining event in the United States, so we wanted to conquer every food lover’s favourite holiday in a respectable and patriotic manner.

We transported ourselves back to London’s best American rock and roll central, The Hard Rock Cafe in Piccadilly.

In other words the Museum with a menu.

A British restaurant conceived by Americans may seem like an unforgiving concept, but once you step foot into the establishment and behold your eyes on Lorde’s Parklife 2018 outfit all will make sense.

Half of the experience is to be wowed by the mesmerising memorabilia that clads the walls, transporting you back in time to the item’s original use.

Hard Rock makes you feel like you’re in on one of the world’s best kept secrets as you dine next to your favourite celebrity’s guitar.    

Their Thanksgiving menu was one of tradition- the only right way to do it!

Our plates came full and neatly presented with an array of colours.

Although Turkeys have a notoriously ‘dry’ reputation, Hard Rock’s gobbler managed to break through the stereotypes and received a standing ovation from us for its moistness. 

We were impressed by the copious amount of bird on our plates and the herb garnishing which elevated the taste.

The vegetables were seasoned to perfection and left me wondering what kind of sorcery the chef is performing to make me want more brussel sprouts.

Unfortunately the stuffing was a let down and tasted rather mediocre.

It was a little on the dry side and lacked flavour, which was disappointing as I am a hardcore stuffing fan and it’s a firm favourite for me on thanksgiving- I guess there’s always next year.

We accompanied our feast with a festive alcoholic beverage- a cranberry mojito.

The drink was a welcomed refreshment, which all gin lovers would revel in and perfectly complemented the meal we had just ingested.

The lightness of the drink revived our stomachs and helped make way for dessert.

Traditionally as a homage to celebrate a successful harvest Pumpkin pie is a favourite participant at thanksgiving and it was no surprise that we were served a slice.

Accompanied by whipped cream and maple syrup the notes of autumn were forthcoming.

The pumpkin mixed with the maple is a combination once tried you will never be able to come back from.

The flavours expertly complimented each other in a warm and dreamlike burst in my mouth- 5 stars from me. 

Overall, my Thanksgiving experience at The Hard Rock Cafe in Piccadilly was one of success.

However, my only advice would be to call ahead and check that the Thanksgiving menu is definitely on, as we had a slight panic when we were told an oven was broken and the thanksgiving menu was off.

Thankfully our charismatic and energetic server Mariano later appeared with the last two thanksgiving meals for us – I guess that’s showbiz!

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