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REVIEW: Transport yourself to the Mediterranean at Clapham’s Olives and Meze

Olives and Meze is a stone’s throw away from Clapham Common tube – however, one step inside and you are transported on holiday to the Mediterranean. 

Upon entry you are greeted immediately by a warm and inviting atmosphere with rustic decor and a beautiful floral display. Although the restaurant was buzzing, it managed to maintain an airy feel, rather than overcrowded. Our waitress, Buket, was very personable and attentive in making sure we were comfortable at all points throughout the evening.

The menu is designed to cater to everyone: vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Dishes are clearly labeled with allergy information for peace of mind. We opted for a selection of meze and ‘Mummy’s Aubergine’, followed by the mixed grill and grilled halloumi skewers.

‘Mummy’s Aubergine’ tasted like baba ganoush but better. Holding similar flavours of tahini and aubergine but with the added flavours of garlic, chilli, pine nuts and fresh pomegranate. 

The meze selection was a refreshing compliment of dishes, including juicy king prawns, fresh tabouleh, crispy courgette fritters and delicate feta pastries. These light and inviting dishes were served with pitta bread still warm from the oven and a combination of homemade dips. The variety perfectly captured the Mediterranean essence and took me back to pre-pandemic memories of holidays in the sun.

The courgette fritters were served with fresh salad, a pickle, and feta cheese pastry wraps

The mixed grill contained a selection of chicken, lamb and kebab. The chicken was succulent, and the meats were perfectly seasoned served alongside garlic and chilli dips which further elevated the flavours. The halloumi was to die for – perfectly golden brown served with a myriad of grilled vegetables that were both perfectly light and refreshing. What I loved about the entire meal was it’s ability to get me full, without feeling like Mr Creosote. 

The ‘Mixed Grill for One’ contained various lamb and chicken cuts

Although not usually to my liking, the baklava was delicious. Freshly made that day, the pastry was perfectly flaky and sweet, marking an idyllic end to the meal.

The Baklava was freshly prepared that day

My personal highlight of my experience at Olives and Meze has to be the cocktails. I consider myself to be an expert on the cocktail selection available on Clapham High Street, and must say the Pornstar Martini served to me was the best I have had yet – probably extending beyond Clapham too. The Strawberry Daiquiri similarly is well worth highlighting – tasting like fresh strawberries. If you’re not feeling like a meal, I would certainly recommend dropping by for a cocktail.

The Pornstar Martini and Strawberry Daquiri were the best I’ve had on the high street

Olives and Meze offers a break from the eclectic city life, and an evening with authentic, delightful food and even better cocktails. 

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