Film-makers from Syria to Sweden showcase movies at South West London International Film Festival

Feature films, documentaries and shorts from all over the world will be showcased at the South West London International Film Festival (SWIFF) which opens tomorrow.

The organizers poured over 300 independent films that came from more than 120 countries and boiled the list down to 25, which will all be shown in a single day.

Countries such as Syria, Iran, Colombia, France and The UK are represented on the list that includes documentaries, short fiction, animations and experimental fiction.

“What is exciting is that you have seen the best film and they just keep coming out of nowhere to surprise you,” said festival creator Laurentiu Huianu.

“Britain has strong entries this year, but I’m also excited by the documentaries coming in from countries like Iran, of which we know little about.”

The festival will run all day, starting at 11am and ending with the awards ceremony at 9pm.

There will be a separate competition for under-16s, which will be judged by the children themselves.

This year will see less full length features than past few years, as the list is mostly dominated by documentaries.

“Our intention is to run full length features as often as possible, but this year, the strongest entries have been the ones around 40 minutes long,” said Mr. Huianu.

Films won’t be the only attraction on the day, as photographers will also have a platform to showcase their work.

South London singer/songwriter Millie Manders will provide a musical intermission in the evening as well.

The Colliers Wood International Ukulele Orchestra will close the day after the Golden Leaf is awarded by the jury.

The festival will take place on Saturday, November 29 at the Antilope pub in Tooting and is free to attend.

SW Londoner’s top 5 picks:

The Last Migration (Fereydoun Najafi, Iran, Documentary, 55 mins)

  • At a wedding, the bride’s father shoots the groom and two others, leading to a feud between the two tribes.

Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution (Matthew Van Dyke, USA/Syria, Documentary, 15 mins)

  • The story of two Syrians whose lives have been torn apart by war (a rebel commander and a young female journalist).

Man on the Cross (Matt Everett, UK/Philippines, Documentary, 36 mins)

  • The story of a man who has been crucified every year for 19 years in the Philippines.

Family Portrait (Jack de la Mere, UK, Short Fiction, 13 mins)

  • A father tries to reconnect with his once loving family but his chilling past may hinder this.

Nobody (Fenulla Jiwani, Canada, Short Fiction, 19 mins)

  • On route to her engagement party, a woman questions the meaning of life.

You can see the full selection list by clicking here.

Featured image courtesy of SWIFF, with thanks

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