Line of Light Festival celebrates Wandsworth and Lambeth communities

The Line of Light Festival this weekend will celebrate the communities living above the new tunnels of the Northern line extension.

Australian artists Projection Teknik created the large-scale installation, which uses a daisy-chain of high density beams to paint the 3.2km route of the tunnels between the Battersea Power Station and Nine Elms stations, which opened last month, onto the sky.

Gabriella Geisinger is part of The Battersea Power Station Community Choir, who will be performing at the Festival. 

She said: “There’s something really moving about putting something artistically out into a space that is then gone.

“Seeing something live means that you’re committed to the experience 100%, both as a performer and as an audience member.” 

Gabriella is the deputy movies editor for Digital Spy, and studied theatre at university. 

She has always been a creative person, as her father was a poet, so the arts and performing has always been a part of her life. 

However, singing wasn’t, and it wasn’t until her partner told her about the choir that she properly got involved. 

She said: “Singing is a much more accessible performing art. 

“You don’t need a Master’s degree to be able to sing, or to listen to what we do.” 

The Battersea Community Choir have a summer mega-mix which features songs from Grease, as well as many others, meaning there is something in the choir for everyone to enjoy.

Originally from New York, Gabriella she said needed having a community like that.

She added: “For me, it was really important to have these things here; separate from your job or your relationships. 

“The choir is really integral in giving people a sense of passion that they can then share with everyone else.” 

This sense of community was especially important during the pandemic. 

Adapting to online platforms, like many institutions, was no different for the choir.

In an article by CNBC, it mentions that the daily users of Zoom skyrocketed during the pandemic – up to 200 million by March 2020.

Gabriella said: “We had choir on Zoom, but this was nothing like being together in person. 

“It was all about checking in with each other and having that weekly touchstone, and it was helpful in staying in touch with each other.

“It felt even more special when we finally got to see each other in person.”

The choir wrote a song called ‘We Can Make It Better’, which is about the community and the choir itself as a whole. 

They will first be performing at New Union Square, by the US Embassy at 18:00. 

From there, they will follow the train route to Wilcox Close which is opposite the Sainsbury’s for a performance at 19:30. 

People who come to watch are free to follow them, listen to the string musicians’, street entertainment and acoustic acts. 

Both performances will be on Friday 29 October. 

Gabriella said: “The best way to enjoy what we do is to come down and see us live. 

“That would be my recommendation.” 

Sound artist Sam Jones worked with the choir to include soundscapes on the walk that the choir will take.

Wandsworth councillor Steffi Sutters, Cabinet Member for Community Services and Open Spaces said: “I’m thrilled Wandsworth Council is presenting this innovative light festival. 

“I would like to thank our committed local partners, neighbouring boroughs and TfL for their support in helping us highlight this new transport connection.” 

An accompanying series of podcasts will capture the music, voices and atmosphere of the communities that live above the Northern Line extension, with a light installation and moving projections inspired by themes of connectivity and togetherness and free activities and entertainment for all ages.

The installation will appear from 18:30 to 22:00 on 29 and 30 October. 

The London Borough of Wandsworth and London Borough of Lambeth presents the Line of Light Festival, with support from partners such as Battersea Power Station, Embassy Gardens, as well as TfL and Vauxhall One. 

The vision is a long-term one to transform one of the capital’s last remaining industrial districts into an amazing place to call home.

You can view performances by the Battersea Power Station Community Choir on their YouTube channel, and for information on the Battersea Power Station Community Choir and how to join, please email [email protected]

Gabriella is active on Twitter, as well as Instagram

And if you’d like more updates and information about the Festival as well as other events in Nine Elms, you can follow their Twitter, Instagram or their website, nineelmslondon.com.

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